B. Lemenager

About Me


I capture stories on digital medium, exploring and developing digital workflow for motion pictures, and relish the beauty in color, contrast, and affinity. Painted in technicolor vision, I project past and present experiences into my work, inspired and influenced by Wes Anderson, the Coen brothers, Darren Aronofsky, Clint Mansell, John Williams, Chopin, the renaissance period, and post modernism.


  • Ben is true to his word, and someone who could easily be anyone’s “secret weapon.” We worked on a particularly tough content development project together, and he never let our challenges get the best of him. In fact, it was his creativity and relentlessness that helped drive our solutions. He sees the big picture, the details, and everything in-between — he is a force to be reckoning with, and the first guy you want on your team.

    Yaddy Arroyo
  • Ben is an extremely knowledgeable cinematographer. He has a solid understanding of composition as well as lighting; the footage we shot with him looks fantastic!

    Dan Kalish
  • Ben is a well taught DP who is very willing to teach those newer to the industry. He is knowledgeable and patient all while creating a modern artistic look.

    Ashlea Thomsen
  • Ben is super easy to work with, for the product that he gives you, he should be charging 10x more than he does. He will deliver a fantastic result for which ever project you put him on. I would strongly recommend Ben for any of your media needs.

    Scott Yorde
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