Chicagoland Cinema and Video Production Services

Blulight Media started as, and to this day continues to be, a collective and collaborative initiative among emerging Chicagoland based artists. Blulight Media is not a studio or a production house, but the professional creations under the producing or leadership of myself, Ben Lemenager. The benefit of a Chicagoland producer with Chicago local talent and crew without the overhead of brick and mortar builds will ultimately reflect in the lowered costs of most projects not needing physical buildings or additional backend expenses. I strive to maintain superior quality and craftsmanship in the products I work on and release while maintaining my goal to provide solutions for an affordable costs.

As a Chicagoland Video production service, I provide equipment and workflow knowledge to make each video hit its mark, while staying on budget and coming in time.

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Chicagoland Video Production Services

Benjamin Lemenager is an award-winning video and social media producer with an emphasis on a cinematic and quality driven results.

User Experience Oriented

I believe that media should be just as experiential in making, as watching it. Completing a successful production means giving the client both a cinematic and meaningful product as well as a positive and enjoyable experience.

Real Time Speeds

We live in a real time world where ideas and projects need to be created for a generation that requires and expects instant results. While every project requires different timeframes, my goal is produce results immediately.

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